"An interior world to discover"

"An interior world to discover"
"An interior world to discover" Un món interior per descobrir "Un mundo interior por descobrir" mixed media, 73x100cm, march2014

sábado, 16 de marzo de 2013

Presentation Om in English

Hello I'm Om an artist from Barcelona (1979) will be nice If you can see my presentation... it is new feeling to get a new consciens for the humans beings, heart to heart through artworks. My works want to be a journey into the human being with my first project: "Human walking towards it's being"*** also I was working with my project: "The colors of the warriors" and "The concept Art" this last work is more together with my advertiser studies I work in my own philosophy in the time for painting: Sentimentality*** after 2006 writting my Book "La Filosofia de l'Ànima" (The Philosophy of the Soul) the maximum concept is: know what you feel to feel what you think to feel what you do----- everything from feeling I got my degree in Avertising and Public Relations in University Ramon Llull 2006 I'm the 3th Generation Family Barbarà of Talier Etching (Taller 46 Barbarà) my grandfather Joan Barbara "as a number 1 etching man in Europe" working for Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Dieter Roth, Richard Hamilton and with my father also with an artists as Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Victor Vasarely, Joseph Beuys, Miquel Barcelo, Emir Schumacher, and now my father is still working with Jaume Plensa number one artist in Spain, Fran Bull an artist nordamerican that she lives in New York, Joaquim Falco, Tano Pissano an italian artist.... With all this information I want to say you that I grow up around artists and art because of this I like to say that I have Art Blood This month also I have my first exposition outside Spain in London in The Brick lane Gallery!!!

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