"An interior world to discover"

"An interior world to discover"
"An interior world to discover" Un món interior per descobrir "Un mundo interior por descobrir" mixed media, 73x100cm, march2014

miércoles, 21 de enero de 2015

About Om Barbarà

Hi I'm Om an artist from Barcelona (1979) you could check out my artwork... My work is a new feeling to get a new consciousness for the human beings, step by step, heart to heart troughtout my artwork. My paintings are a journey into the human being. In special my main project: "Human walking towards it's being"*** I have also worked on other project: "The colors of the warriors" and "The concept Art" is closely linked to my marketing and advertising studies I express my own philosophy though my painting: and I named it Sentimentality*** In 2006 writting my Book "La Filosofia de l'Ànima" (The Philosophy of the Soul) the maximum concept is: know what you feel to feel what you think to feel what you do----- everything from feeling I got my degree in Avertising and Public Relations in University Ramon Llull of Barcelona 2006

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