"An interior world to discover"

"An interior world to discover"
"An interior world to discover" Un món interior per descobrir "Un mundo interior por descobrir" mixed media, 73x100cm, march2014

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

Critica Om Work in showroom Casa Batllo

A report about a day in “Casa Batlló”

Last Saturday, there was an exhibition of painters and photographers in the beautiful “Casa Batlló” on passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona. The artists came from different countries. There were around a hundred and many of them exhibit for the first time, like my nephew. The event began at eleven in the morning and finish at eleven in the evening, non stop. The ticket was free until eight in the evening. After eight o’clock the public needed a special ticket because at that time a well-known cava company invited everybody to a drink. At that moment, the people were expecting a welcome speech, but nothing happened. Everybody was wondering who the organizer was and what their intention were. I thought it was like virtual organisation.
While I was having my cava I saw a person who looked as if he was in charge. He was a very nice person, but a little nervous. He talked quickly and very enthusiastically, but he didn’t say anything the specific organisation. Well, I thought, perhaps it was an experiment… I don’t know. In my opinion the main thing of the day was the contact between the artists. They had an opportunity to exchange experiences. Everyone was in good spirits and many people came during the day. The truth is that it was a very exciting event. Sometimes I ask myself the same old question about art. What is art? Is it perhaps the expression of a feeling? It is something exciting? Is it the need for expression? Probably it’s all that and much more. Leonardo Da Vinci said: the first manifestation of art was when someone followed his shadow on the wall with a finger. Human beings are creative. Certainly, the capacity to do art makes us human. That’s right. Having said this, I have a special interest in Om’s work. Let’s see. Firstly, these are his earliest works. His paintings are spontaneous, fresh and original. In the centre of his work the main theme is the human figure. His schematic form and the undefined colour give an idea of isolation. The silhouette is outlined and glued to a canvas which is very rich in textures and colours which are basically primary. Despite the solitary figure with a serious gray tone his work gives hope. The sun or its colour is always present in his work. It’s the colour of life, for that reason his work is joyful and optimistic. I imagine the figure is he himself. He’s a thoughtful man he’s trying to find look for his own answers. In short, Om’s work is sincere, without being subject to the market or fashion. He’s absolutely free. His work is himself, how he feels.


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